Just let us do our job, and we’ll take charge of everything

— from the very first sketch via versed project management up to the craftsmanlike implementation. From shell construction up to After-Sales Service, from the prototype up to the readiness for series production. We will work independently but in close co-operation. We supply turnkey, inclusive of all general contractor services.

Come round in a good mood and enjoy the opening – we will arrange for everything else.

We are looking forward to your wishes!

Construction, Design and Visualisation

You have got the space, we have got the ideas. What makes your supply exciting and successful? With a perfect stage, we create pleasant experience and authentic 3D brand environments for your customers and visitors. They are based on the creative dealing with the customer, your message and the relevant values, objectives and visions.

Execution Planning and Production

We know how. Based on comprehensive material know-how, practical thinking and attention to detail, we put the ideas of creative people into practice. Individual solutions and economic optimisations are a matter of course for us.

Project Management and Logistics

The same company contact in charge of numerous disciplines – We take over control and coordination of all individual crafts involved and act as their central interface to our customers in order to ensure productive, efficient and successful cooperation.

The optimum interaction of the crafts involved in the project requires conscientious planning. We take charge of it with pleasure – from time schedules and cost plans up to qualitative and economic responsibility.

Fitting and Construction Work

We carry out construction work. Fitting is a central competence and involves much more than the pure assembly of furniture, regardless whether it’s special furniture or general contractor service.

The exact operational planning and coordination of all parties concerned are the be-all and end-all.

Our experienced fitter teams perform the work at flexible fitting times and also carry out dismantling of existing elements. Upon request, we offer intermediate storage.


At regular intervals, our customer service will visit your property, in order to carry out all repair, maintenance and servicing work. Upon request, we supply everything needed, such as lamps and bulbs or lettering, screws and bolts or displays, seating furniture or advertising banners – we’ll assist you.

Regular maintenance protects against avoidable consequential cost and helps to minimise down-time, if any.