Lines of Business

We specialise in Interior Design, Shopfitting, Construction of Exhibition Stands and Museum Exhibitions – you are in expert hands with us when it comes to planning, consulting, project management up to turnkey delivery.

To draw in customers a shop must always have an inviting ambience.

Does your product range have to prevail against a large variety of brands offered in Department Stores and airports? This task is not uncommon for us.

We plan and/or realise your product presentation upto every last little detail. Our portfolio not only includes Department Stores, Shops, Shop-in-Shops and Pop-Up-Stores but also Rollouts and series production.

Your premises form part of your professional personality. By means of integral project handling and efficient resources, we create unique environments with 3D-Corporate Identity – also in turnkey execution upon request.

Incredibly fascinating rather than dull. Museum artefacts attract a broad public, when presented in a fitting way. We design the finishing of your museum, your exhibition or your showroom and  implement it built on the foundation of your existing planning.

Scenographic equipment and spatial structures, construction of exhibitions, museum equipment and furnishings, as well as the equipment of your museum shop belong to our area of expertise.

  • Advice with regard to the use of materials, constructions, air conditioning and alarm systems
  • Construction and design
  • Design engineering and construction documentation
  • Production, supply and assembly of the overall equipment, e.g. showcases, all-glass showcases, special showcases, modular showcases
  • Incorporation of lighting and media technology
  • Project management and general contractor services
  • Maintenance
  • Consideration of conservational requirements