Die Päpste

The Popes: temporary exhibition in the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum, Mannheim.
An inaugural exhibition project which provided a comprehensive portrayal of the history of the Papacy which had not been seen before. High-profile loan items from the Vatican and other renowned museums showed the fascinating development of the Papacy from its beginnings through to the Renaissance.
[Ki] supplied and mounted wall elements, base showcases, display cases and presentation bases for the presentation.
The exhibition took place from 21st May to 31st October 2017 in the Zeughaus C5 of the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum.

Project Die Päpste – Exhibition
Draft Homann Güner Blum
Area approx. 1500 m²
Period 21.05.2017 – 31.10.2017

Execution of parts of projects
Construction Documentation